Perfume Kit // Romantic

We believe scent should be personal, not mass-produced. Create your own custom scents to help you feel the way you want. Learn the fundamentals of French perfuming. Then, blend the fragrance oils to create endless possibilities for your signature scent.

Each Perfume Kit includes the following items to help you create 4 mini perfume oils: 

  • 6 fragrance oils formulated for perfume oils (1/2 oz. each) 
  • 4 mini perfume roller ball bottles (1/3 oz. each) 
  • Pipettes 
  • Instructions
  • Scent Notes Cards  
  • Paper Mixing Cups 

The Romantic Perfume Kit includes the following scents: 

  • Tulips & Rosewood 
  • Dark Plum 
  • Cashmere 
  • Tuberose 
  • Oud
  • Rose Sandalwood

          Type: Body

          Brand: Scent Workshop

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