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The Basics

Society B makes it easier for people to make a difference through everyday purchases. Society B was the first charitable marketplace in the US--one that connects people with goods that give back and also donates 10 percent of its sales (not just profits) to charities.


The Story

Society B was founded by two sisters (Lindsay Byers-Hirth and Kelli Byers) who were frustrated with their lack of do-goodery in their corporate jobs. While at home for the holidays in 2014 and doing some last-minute shopping, they were thrilled to come across give-back brands of which they'd never heard. As they enjoyed the holiday merriment, they chatted about how difficult it was to find these brands that do good. And then they realized they could create the exact boutique they wished they could find. With backgrounds in e-commerce and non-profits, the sisters set out to create a company that connects causes and commerce. 

But since the goal was to make a difference and see just how much of an impact a business could do, Society B’s founders also incorporated giving into the business model...in a big way. The company donates 10 percent of its total sales (not just proceeds) to reputable non-profits. And the donations are driven by customers, who choose which charities will receive donations from each sale. 

Society B officially launched on September 1, 2015.

Mission and Approach

Society B’s goal is to make a difference in people’s lives by combining causes and commerce. Society B believes that businesses have the power to do more good for society than just paying their shareholders. Every good in the charitable marketplace gives back to make a difference in someone's life. 

Conscious Commerce

This unique marketplace features fair trade goods and products from companies that give back. Society B’s collection includes apparel, jewelry, bags, accessories, home goods, bath and body products, and baby gifts that give back to make the world a better place.

Society B thoroughly vets each brand represented on www.SocietyB.com. Partner brands must give a certain percentage of their sales to charities (and be transparent about it), or they must have a track record for providing fair trade or fair wage conditions to their makers. Some of the partner brands are certified B Corporations, and two of the partner brands are non-profit organizations (Krochet Kids intl. and BADALA).

Great Causes 

Society B donates 10 percent of its sales profits to charity. When customers purchase goods that give back, they also select which non-profit to support. Society B then sends donations to each charity on a quarterly basis. Society B researches each featured charity, and charities must operate transparently, efficiently, and for the good of vulnerable or underserved people. The company typically supports organizations that benefit people on a national or international level, rather than local charities. 

Information about Society B's current charitable partners is here

About the Founders

Originally founded by Lindsay Byers-Hirth and Kelli Byers.  Society B is now run by Randall Gee in Southern California.  

The Details

Society B is part of Best At Home, Inc. a for profit California Corporation.  Our goal is to become a Certified B Corporation and always continue DOING GOOD FOR OTHERS.  We continue to follow the vision of the original founders and give back to Society.

More information about the inspiration for Society B is posted here.

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