Q: Why do you donate to charity? Are you a non-profit?
A: We are not a non-profit organization, but we are genuinely committed to making the world a better place. We are a registered Ltd. Liability Co., but we believe that people are more valuable than profits. As we build Society B, we will continue to invest in ways that make an even greater social impact.

Q: How much do you donate to charity?
A: We donate 10% of our sales (not just profits) to non-profit organizations. For example, if you buy a bag for $100, we donate $10 to the charity you select at checkout. Then we send each charity a check for donations collected on a quarterly basis. Shipping charges and taxes are excluded from donation amounts, as those fees are not profitable line items. It’s worth noting that 10% of our sales is equivalent to 20–100%+ of our profits. And we chose to donate 10% of purchases because it's simple, transparent, impactful, and sustainable for our business. 

Q: If I use a promotion code or a discount, will you still donate to charity?
A: Yes, we’ll still donate 10% of your purchase to charity.

Q: How many promotion codes can I use? 
A: Our platform allows only one promo code per order. 

Q: Can I use a new promotion code for a previous purchase? 
A: Unfortunately, our promotions are timed for specific times and cannot be applied for previous purchases. We carry limited quantities of most items, and items often sell out during promotions. Since we honor "first come, first served," it would be unfair to apply promo codes to previous purchases when other customers are waiting for the sales. (We generally have 2 big sales per year--one during the holidays and one during the summer. From time to time, we'll offer discounts on select items or special promotions for our email subscribers.) 

Q: Do promo codes apply to shipping rates, too? 
A: No, the promo code applies to the subtotal of your product purchase only. 

Q: If I return an item, will I get my shipping rate refunded? 
A: Sorry, but we don't offer free shipping on returns and cannot refund the cost we incurred to ship your purchase to you. We do offer hassle-free returns, though. Please read the details of our return process and policy by clicking here. 

Q: Which charities do you feature/support?
A: We support charities that are registered 501(c)(3) organizations that operate transparently, efficiently, and for the good of vulnerable or underserved people. We typically feature organizations that benefit people on a national or international level, rather than local charities. 

Q: How do you choose which brands to represent in Society B?
A: We look for brands and products that give back or do a whole lot of good. Our brands must give a certain percentage of their sales to charities (and be transparent about it), OR they must have a track record for providing fair trade or fair wage conditions to their makers. Some of our brands are certified B Corporations, and we also work with two brands that are non-profits (BADALA and Krochet Kids intl.). 

Q: Is your website secure?
A: Society B uses the latest industry-standard secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to protect your information. When you checkout of our store (or submit personal information), you will notice a padlock icon in the locked position. This icon will appear in the lower-right corner or upper-right corner of your Internet browser to indicate a secure transaction.

Q: Speaking of personal information, will you sell or give my information to another company or third party?
A: No. That would likely annoy you, and we don’t want to annoy you. You can read our privacy policy here, but we will not sell, give, lease, rent, or barter your information to anyone.