Karam Foundation

In 2017, Society B launched its first private collection of goods to benefit Syrian refugees. Every purchase from The Light Candle collection provides a 10% donation to Karam Foundation.

Karam Foundation

About Karam Foundation

Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization on a mission to build a better future for Syria. Ten years ago, the organization started with a food drive on the South side of Chicago. Today, their impact expands across Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan to build a better future for thousands of Syrian families.
This vital organization provides Innovative Education programs for Syrian refugee youth, distributes Smart Aid to Syrian families, and funds Sustainable Development programs initiated by Syrians for Syrians. 

Karam Foundation

Smart Aid

Karam Foundation believes in creating Smart Aid programs that are sustainable. They respond to the local population’s needs by asking one simple question: “What do you need?” Through this approach, Karam Foundation has provided meals to more than 1,000 families each year, heat to more than 1,000 homes and schools, 68,000 boxes of infant formula, sponsorships to help 276 refugee children attend school, and 11 ambulances for the White Helmets.

Karam Foundation // Aid for Syrian Refugees

Emergency Response

Critically, Karam Foundation is proud to be among organizations at the forefront of the crisis in Syria. They act fast to provide critical aid items in emergency situations to help stabilize families and address the immediate needs of the people on the ground. Their team has distributed food baskets, mattresses, heaters, and blankets to families internally displaced families that were forcibly evacuated from Aleppo and Idlib, as well as families living in besieged areas, including Wadi Barada, Madaya, and Zabadani.

Karam Foundation / Emergency Aid for Syrian Refugees

Support Syrian Refugees

Society B is honored to support Karam Foundation’s life-saving efforts for Syrian refugees. We invite you to join us. Learn more about this organization at www.karamfoundation.orgTogether, we can be a light to drive out darkness for people in need.