Our Story

Society B was founded by two sisters--Lindsay Byers-Hirth and Kelli Byers--who wanted to make a difference through commerce.

Once upon a time (circa 2001) in a far away land called Iowa, two sisters sat in a college dorm room and dreamt of creating a company that donated part of its profits to charity, rather than investors. (This was long before for-profit companies were giving back or online shopping was a thing, mind you.) Like many “wouldn’t it be cool if…?” stories, this dream remained just that as we graduated from college. So we moved around the country, traveled a bit, and started our own careers.

A decade later, we were restless and frustrated with a lack of do-goodery in our corporate jobs. So we revisited the dream of starting a social business. Meanwhile, a number of social businesses had been born. But it was still a challenge to find them and research them to sort through the imposters.

We wanted to make it easier for people to do good with their purchases—to support people in need, rather than support giant corporations that seem to exploit the workers in their supply chains. So we combined what we knew--Lindsay's non-profit background with Kelli's e-commerce experience--and set out to make a difference by combining causes and commerce.

The result is Society B—a marketplace for good. We thoroughly vet the best social businesses and feature only our favorite fair trade goods and products that give back. And to put our money where our mouth is, we multiply your social impact by also donating 10% of our sales (not just profits) to a featured charity.

Society B is for the optimists, the global citizens, the do-gooders, the change-makers, the fair-trade fashionistas, and the people-lovers—anyone who believes that commerce can and should play a better role in society. Thank you for joining the conscious commerce movement as we change the way people interact with their purchases and connect with the people impacted by their goods. 

We have a world of good to do. 

Lindsay Byers-Hirth // Co-Founder & Chief Giving Officer                     Kelli Byers // Co-Founder