Our Story

In 2014, we were visiting our family in Fayetteville, Arkansas for Christmas. While doing some last-minute gift shopping at the local boutiques, we noticed several new fair trade and give-back brands we hadn’t heard of before.
We noted how great it would be if all the best do-good brands were in one place…a store where people could truly and easily make a difference, just by shopping.
After lamenting our lack of do-goodery in our corporate jobs, we decided to combine our experience in ecommerce, marketing, and nonprofits to create the store we wished existed—a central marketplace of high-quality, modern goods that make an impact.
We also wanted to make our new business the most charitable, impactful place to shop online. So we committed to donating 5% to 15% of all sales—not just profits—to charity. In this way, every purchase gives back twice.
The result is Society B—a marketplace for good—a place for giving back to others, where every purchase makes a difference.
Now, people can easily find high-quality goods that truly make a difference for others in need.

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 R. Gee / Chief Giving Officer + Bart / Chief Mascot