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Water.org // Featured Charity at Society B // March 2016

Every Drop Matters

Society B is currently featuring Water.org. Society B will donate 10% of each purchase to help Water.org provide clean water and sanitation to people in need.

Right now, 663 million people around the world—about one in nine—lack access to safe water. Even more people (2.5 billion of them) lack access to a toilet. Water.org is dedicated to changing this. Water.org is giving women hope, children health, and communities a future. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, Water.org pioneers innovative solutions to provide access to safe water and sanitation.

Water.org // Three things most people in the world cannot do // WASH // Clean Water and Sanitation

Through sustainable solutions and financing models, such as WaterCredit, we can provide safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all. 


Water.org has successfully and sustainably improved the lives of more than two million people. For every $1 spent on water and sanitation, there is a $4 economic return. And every $1 spent on water and sanitation generates $8 as a result of saved time, increased productivity, and reduced health care costs.

Where They Work

For 25 years, Water.org has been working alongside a network of certified, in-country partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Water.org // Where They Work

Their Approach

Water.org implements a sustainable solution called WaterCredit through its network of local partner organizations. WaterCredit was designed to solve two problems:

Water Credit

WaterCredit starts from the premise that there are many people in the developing world who can, and want to, finance safe water and sanitation. WaterCredit enables people to pay for these services over time as well as have a voice in their development and operation.

Through WaterCredit, organizations provide loans to people (often groups of people) to construct safe water and sanitation facilities. Typically, loans range in size from $50­­­–$200.

WaterCredit is the first program of its kind that puts microfinance tools to work in the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector. By connecting financial institutions to communities in developing countries in need of clean water and toilets, small loans are then made to individuals and households. As loans are repaid, they can be re-deployed to additional people in need of safe water, reducing the need for subsidies, which can then be freed up to help those who need it most. 

Through sustainable solutions and financing models, such as WaterCredit, we can provide safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all. 

Keeping It Local

Water.org believes people in developing countries know best how to solve their own problems. That's why they forge partnerships with carefully screened, local partner organizations that understand, and are part of, the local culture. The result: a solution tailored to the long-term needs of each community.

How You Can Help

Join us as we donate 10% of all purchases to Water.org. And visit www.Water.org to learn more.