About Brighton // In Their Own Words

Laura Hoffman // Brighton Their World

Full disclosure: Brighton Their World--one of our featured charities at Society B--is close to my heart. In fact, I’m Facebook friends with the founders of Brighton Their World, even though I’ve never met the Hoffmans in person. In 2013, my husband and I were adopting our daughter from Ethiopia. 

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#KnowWhoMadeIt // The Story Behind Krochet Kids intl. -- a featured brand at Society BWhen three close friends from Spokane, Washington started crocheting unique headwear for snow sports in high school and college, the idea for a revolutionary non-profit company was born. Kohl Crecelius, Stewart Ramsey, and Travis Hartanov were dubbed the “krochet kids” by their local newspaper when they started taking custom orders and selling their crocheted beanies. Encouraged by family and friends to teach people in developing countries how to crochet as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty, they set out to change the world.

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How Cancer Inspired One Woman to Help Students in Tanzania

Barbara Poole // Founder of Build Tanzanian Family Futures and Serengeti Scholars // Featured at“Within two days of completing treatment, I found myself in the middle of the worst poverty I had ever seen, on a planned family trip to Africa,” said Poole. “It hit me like a brick. I had to do something to give back for my life being saved.” And so she did. She founded BTFF and opened a daycare and preschool in Tanzania. BTFF also started a Village Bank and Entrepreneurship training program for women. Most recently, the organization started a new project called Serengeti Scholars in January of 2015, which will soon be BTFF’s largest project and area of concentration. Serengeti Scholars currently sponsors 50 secondary school students who attend thirteen of the top-ranked Tanzanian Government Schools in and around Arusha. 

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