6 Ways to be a Conscious Consumer - For the Every Girl

6 Ways to be a Conscious Consumer // Ethical Fashion // Fair Trade // Fashion for Good

By Brigette Marshall

I am a partially reformed fast fashion shopper. If I’m browsing the mall for my mom’s birthday gift and pass by an “additional 40% off all sale items” at Express or Forever 21, I have an undeniable, irresistible urge to go in. I can’t help but to be fascinated by all the trendy items I can add to my closet for the cost of a fast food lunch or maybe a magazine. I’m hooked on getting a “good deal.” But I’ve become more aware of ethical issues surrounding high-volume, low-priced clothing. So I'm sharing 6 easy ways to be a conscious consumer--steps that every girl can take to build a more timeless wardrobe that does good. 

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