Fortress of Inca // An ethical brand featured on Society BIn 2004, Texas native Evan Streusand fell in love with Incan textiles while backpacking through South America. He soon founded Fortress of Inca and sold handmade, colorful boots and accessories as a way to connect craftsmen in Peru to new customers in the US. Handmade in Peru to this day, Fortress of Inca channels a free-spirited and elegant lifestyle, while bringing the finest quality leather and other natural materials to each good. 

Fortress of Inca believes that each individual involved in the production process of a good is just as important as the customer who will wear it. Its mission is to use transparent, ethical methods along with high-quality, sustainable materials to produce valuable products. Fortress of Inca audits and investigates each factory and workshop that makes the shoes and accessories to make sure every step of the process has been ethically considered.

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