Sackcloth and Ashes // A company that gives back // Society BWhen Bob Dalton learned in 2013 that his mother—a hard-working, single mom—had become homeless, his world changed forever. Because of his mother’s story, Bob realized that not all displaced people choose to become homeless—some people just need a second chance. He called homeless shelters in his area to ask what they needed. They all said blankets. That’s when he founded Sackcloth + Ashes.

Sackcloth + Ashes makes high-quality blankets—from cozy fleece and soft alpaca blankets for indoor use to sturdy wool and acrylic blankets for outdoor and decor. True to its mission, Sackcloth + Ashes gives a blanket to a homeless shelter for every blanket purchased. The name Sackcloth + Ashes is derived from ancient Jewish symbolism meaning "mourning" and "repentance." The idea is that for every person who wraps themselves in a Sackcloth + Ashes blanket, it symbolizes mourning over the homeless population and repentance by contributing to a homeless shelter.


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