“She believed she could, so she did.”

Momastery // Glennon Melton Doyle // Heartline Maternity Center in Haiti

This month, we’re featuring a very special charity called Together Rising. It was founded by Glennon Melton Doyle—the brains, wit, and heart behind the popular mom blog, Momastery. Together Rising has demonstrated the power of giving by asking its community of fellow moms to help lift women in need. “We do something called a Love Flash Mob."

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Together Rising and Battle Monument School

Battle Monument from Mantis Films on Vimeo.

Through a collaboration with Microsoft, the “Monkees” of Momastery and Together Rising helped bring life-changing projects and technology to a special education school in Maryland. 

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Bring the Light

Together Rising // Syrian Refugee Children Playing

Whenever we have a featured charity, we write weekly blog posts about that charity to share stories about the work they are doing. This month, however, we’re going to share stories directly from the founder of Together Rising, Glennon Doyle Melton of the popular blog Momastery. Frankly, she’s a great writer and author, and I wouldn’t do her work justice if I tried to summarize it. But I also don’t want to strip her voice—and her raw emotion—from the stories.

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