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Refugee Children Playing // Together Rising // Featured Charity at Society B // January 2016

Whenever we have a featured charity, we write weekly blog posts about that charity to share stories about the work they are doing. Why? Our goal is to connect commerce and causes—to see just how much good we can do when we put people over profits. 

Glennon Doyle Melton // Together Rising // Featured Charity at Society B // January 2016This month, we’re going to share stories directly from the founder of Together Rising, Glennon Doyle Melton of the popular blog Momastery. Frankly, she’s a great writer and author, and I wouldn’t do her work justice if I tried to summarize it. But I also don’t want to strip her voice—and her raw emotion—from the stories. Most of these stories had me in tears, partly because the problems they are trying to overcome are so immense, and partly because the progress they’re making to truly help people is so inspiring and heart-warming.

So before I turn you loose on Momastery, I want to give you a quick primer on Together Rising. Their goal is so simple that it’s brilliant: when we all come together with our love and talents and gifts, we can help others rise. Together Rising receives requests—big and small—from people in need. The Board of Directors vets the requests, and then the Together Rising/Momastery community members conduct a “Love Flash Mob” with gifts no larger than $25 each. But together, they’re making incredible things happen.

One of those incredible things was a few weeks ago, when Together Rising raised money for Syrian refugees. Actually, that’s not accurate. They did this twice. Once, the Together Rising Love Flash Mob raised thousands of dollars for Syrian refugees. And a couple days before Christmas, Glennon and a few of her friends—Elizabeth Gilbert, Brené Brown, Cheryl Strayed, Rob Bell—lit up social media through a campaign they called The Compassion Collective to raise another $1 million for refugees through Together Rising and Help Refugees.

The Compassion Collective // Together Rising // Featured Charity at Society B // January 2016

The point here is that amazing things do happen when we contribute what we can to make a difference. This is the whole point of Society B. And this story (click here) is one of the reasons we’re so honored to give 10% of all sales to Together Rising this month. Please share this post or story with your friends. Let’s bring the light.

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