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There are more than 75 million children in developing countries who lack access to a quality education. A company based in Austin, Texas is working to reduce this number, one high-quality bag at a time. 

ESPEROS was started after founder Oliver Shuttlesworth took a trip to Central America, where he witnessed the debilitating effects of extreme poverty on children there. He became inspired to find a sustainable solution that would equip children in the developing world with the tools they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

The team behind ESPEROS believes that education is the key to overcoming the cycle of poverty and that it should be available to everyone. To help make this vision a reality, they create stylish, functional, and durable products, and donate 10% of each sale to fund education initiatives around the world, via The Nobelity Project. This non-profit based in Austin, Texas has built more than 100 classrooms that have been used by more than 8,000 students and their families. Every ESPEROS product sold helps fund one year of education for a child in a developing world.

Esperos // A Company that Gives Back // Society B

The good they do does not stop there. ESPEROS believes in treating people with dignity and respect, while offering opportunity for advancement and empowerment. Their factory, located in Shenzhen, China, provides 3 free meals daily to the staff. The average worker age in their factory is 33, and they average 45 hours per week with no overnight shifts. Ever. The factory also provides free housing, full benefits to all employees, and comfortable, living wages.

In addition to having an inspiring mission and a manufacturing process centered on integrity, they create timeless, durable products that appeal to everyone from teens to retirees. ESPEROS bags feature thoughtfully planned pockets, attachments, and compartments to be highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile for all occasions. They also use fabrics that are free of harmful treatments, chemicals, and dyes.

When you make your purchase from ESPEROS, you do more than simply buy a carry hope.

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