6 Must-Know Facts About Modern Day Slavery (& How You Can Help Stop It)

Facts About Human Trafficking // A21

by Ella Wortman //

Before I began interning at Society B, to me, slavery in America was history. When I thought of slavery, I thought of the Civil War, the north and south, and about the cultural impact it still has on our country. I viewed slavery as a thing of the past. But the truth is as time has passed, slavery has taken on a new image. Modern day slavery is alive and well; it is now known as human trafficking.

6 Facts About Human Trafficking

  1. There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in history. An estimated 20 to 45.8 million people today are victims of human trafficking.
  1. Human trafficking generates more than $150 billion every year, making it the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.
  1. Modern day slavery takes a few forms. These include sex trafficking, forced labor, bonded labor, involuntary domestic servitude, and child soldiers.  
  1. While all the ways human traffickers recruit are unknown, some of the most common tactics used to recruit victims include false job advertisements, false immigration, abduction, or being sold by one’s family, friend, or lover.  
  1. Victims of human trafficking are often overly submissive. They may be accompanied by a controlling figure, appear fearful, and often show signs of physical abuse.
  1. Only 1% of victims are rescued.

A21 // Facts about Sex Trafficking

You Can Help

How can you help?

  • Educate yourself.
  • Know the signs.
  • Spread the word. 
  • If you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking, please call the human trafficking hotline at 1 (888) 373-7888.

Join us at Society B as we support A21, a nonprofit organization fueled by the radical hope that human beings everywhere deserve to live free. Learn more about their work to prevent sex trafficking and rescue and rehabilitate victims at www.A21.org


About the Author 

Ella WortmanThis blog post was written by Ella Wortman, an intern at Society B, marketing major at West Virginia University, and event planner for WVU Student Life. When not at work or studying in Morgantown, Ella runs, cooks, and watches Grey's Anatomy. She believes happiness comes from the simple things like family, friends, and food. She also believes that every good diet should include red wine and ribs. After graduating from WVU this winter, she hopes to make herself at home in one of America's big cities with a job in marketing or event planning. 


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Karla Hollingshead
Karla Hollingshead

July 12, 2017

Hi Ella,

Your article is informative and succinct- excellent work! I went to high school with your mom and dad. I see they’ve managed to pass on their intelligence. Keep up this good work! I wish more people cared about this. I am a massage therapist and human traffic victims are force to work in illegal massage parlors providing illegal services. We legitimate, licensed therapists have to work really hard to try to educate people on the difference. If you have any further info, maybe you could send it to me.

Thanks so much for your hard work!

Karla Hollingshead

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