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Preemptive Love Coalition

Society B is proud to announce that we have a new giving partner!

First, a little backstory...For the last few years, I’ve had an unsettling feeling as the Syrian refugee crisis continues to unfold. I knew that I should be contributing more to this effort, and I felt uneasy that my business--which is dedicated to making a difference for people in need--wasn't contributing to refugees through direct donations or product proceeds. I've also been frustrated by the lack of attention this humanitarian crisis receives and the ways in which some world leaders are responding to refugees.

Refugees are the world's most vulnerable population. Millions of people (mostly women and children) are fleeing their homes and abandoning their lives to seek safety amidst violence and hardships that we can't begin to imagine. And in Syria, the reasons for the conflict and the resolutions to fix the causes are complicated (to over-simplify it) and impossible so far.

So this year, I set out to find ways in which Society B can support refugees. I came across Preemptive Love Coalition and saw this post on Instagram.

Love Anyway // Preemptive Love Coalition

It stopped me in my tracks.
"Love Anyway."

Despite differences and ego and fear and all the things that make us small and imperfect...
love anyway.

What a concept.
This is what peace, giving, kindness, and humanity all boil down to. We need to love people anyway.

I had to learn more about the organization behind this post. And here's what I found at

"Yes, we all have our own politics. Yes, we have our own religion. Love anyway. Step out across enemy lines and embrace conflict rather than run. Your love has the ability to transcend guilt, shame, and indifference. Wrap your arms around those you fear, and invite others to do the same."


This is exactly what Preemptive Love Coalition is doing in Syria, Iraq, and the US to help refugees. Click below to see a short view into their world.

Families Trapped in Mosul... and You're Showing up for Them from Preemptive Love on Vimeo.


As you can see, Preemptive Love Coalition is doing life-saving work for refugees in areas most organizations won't go. Their approach is to create sustainable solutions that empower refugees. For example, they hire refugees to work in food stations at refugee camps, thereby creating jobs exactly where people need them. For these reasons and many more, we are proud to announce that Preemptive Love Coalition is now one of our giving partners.  

Please join us in supporting Preemptive Love Coalition or any of our charitable giving partners. When you shop at, simply select the organization you wish to support, and we'll donate 10% of your purchase price to those organizations each quarter. Together, we can make an impact with our purchases.

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Written by:

Lindsay Byers-Hirth, Co-Founder & Chief Giving Officer 

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