Sustainable Suds

Hand in Hand Soap was built on the desire to find a daily household product that had the power to save lives. Each year over five million people die of diseases caused by poor water quality and lack of proper hygiene. These are deaths that could be prevented by hand-washing and clean water. In 2011, husband and wife team Bill and Courtney set out to start a business based on sustainable giving. Their company gives soap and clean water to those in needs and saves lives without depending on a single donation. For each product purchased from the Clean Water Collection, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and provides one month of clean water to children in need.
Hand in Hand Soap's first well in Haiti! from Hand in Hand on Vimeo.


Since launching their Clean Water Collection, Hand in Hand has also added to other product lines that give back. Espere products provide essential micro-loans and small business funding to communities and business owners in developing areas of Haiti, empowering them to support themselves and strengthen their communities from within. Rainforest products each save 100 square feet of indigenous rainforests from the palm oil logging industry.

The do-goodery of Hand in Hand Soap is twofold. While their primary mission is saving lives, they did not stop there. They have also realized the environmental responsibility required when creating and selling bath and body products. "We wanted to be proud of and develop a product that was made with sustainable resources, and harvested ethically. As such, our products are as natural and fair trade as we can make them. To have a product that is truly eco-friendly, means more than just having natural ingredients. We have found that many natural soaps use ingredients that ultimately come from intentionally cleared rainforests, which was something that we wanted no part in. Every ingredient in our soap is not only natural, but it is harvested and grown in an environmentally friendly way,” said Bill and Courtney.

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