How an Instagram Post Changed Our Business

Preemptive Love Coalition

Society B is proud to announce that we have a new giving partner! First, a little backstory...For the last few years, I’ve had an unsettling feeling as the Syrian refugee crisis continues to unfold. Refugees are the world's most vulnerable population. Millions of people (mostly women and children) are fleeing their homes and abandoning their lives to seek safety amidst violence and hardships that we can't begin to imagine. And in Syria, the reasons for the conflict and the resolutions to fix the causes are complicated (to over-simplify it) and impossible so far.

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6 Must-Know Facts About Modern Day Slavery (& How You Can Help Stop It)

Facts About Human Trafficking // A21

// by Ella Wortman

Before I began interning at Society B, to me, slavery in America was history. When I thought of slavery, I thought of the Civil War, the north and south, and about the cultural impact it still has on our country. I viewed slavery as a thing of the past. But the truth is as time has passed, slavery has taken on a new image. Modern day slavery is alive and well; it is now known as human trafficking.

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Why It's Smart to Care about World Water Day


World Water Day is March 22. So what, right? Well, for about 663 million people in the world, it’s a big deal. They live without access to clean water. This causes a ton of problems, including water-related illnesses. But lack of water impacts women and girls the most, because they are often the “water fetchers” in a family. 

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