6 Must-Know Facts About Modern Day Slavery (& How You Can Help Stop It)

Facts About Human Trafficking // A21

// by Ella Wortman

Before I began interning at Society B, to me, slavery in America was history. When I thought of slavery, I thought of the Civil War, the north and south, and about the cultural impact it still has on our country. I viewed slavery as a thing of the past. But the truth is as time has passed, slavery has taken on a new image. Modern day slavery is alive and well; it is now known as human trafficking.

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How We Give Back

Featured Charities at Society B // A social business that donates 10% of all sales to charity

You know how we donate 10% of all purchases to charity? We're still doing that...only now you get to tell us how. When you shop for goods that give back at, you now get to choose which charity to support from 5 different non-profits.


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