The True Cost Documentary: Who Pays for Cheap and Fast Fashion?

The "it" bag. 40% off. Chevron. Must-have boots. Boot-cut jeans. No wait, change that to skinny jeans. Semi-annual sale that you cannot miss. Boyfriend jeans. 60% off. High-low hems. Flare jeans. 

Fashion trends are changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Why? Fast fashion sells more stuff.

No longer is quality the name of the game, either. It's all about quantity. And we need the quantity to keep up with the trends, right? Why pay more for goods that will last you a few seasons when you can get on-trend jeans, sweaters, and practically anything at stores like H&M and OldNavy for less than you can buy a book? 

As it turns out, the answer to that last question is quite simple: people. People are paying the high cost of cheap, fast fashion. People who make our clothes in deplorable conditions are paying the cost. And the people who live on this planet are paying the cost. 

We could go on to explain these claims, but why do that when there's a documentary that will do that very thing for us? It's called The True Cost. And like pretty much any documentary, it's dramatic and enlightening...and downright moving. Please watch the trailer and check out the full documentary on Netflix. 

As consumers, we should all be aware (if not obligated to learn) of how our purchases affect people who make our goods. And after watching The True Cost, you'll understand why we at Society B are advocating ethical commerce. 

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