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Global Citizen Festival // Global Goals // Why shopping from social businesses matters

On September 26, the Global Citizen Festival rocked New York City's Central Park. This event culminated weeks of social media campaigns about the Global Goals from GlobalCitizen.org. So what's the big deal about these 17 goals to make the world a better place for all citizens?

Well first, 193 world leaders from the United Nations signed on to help make these goals a reality. (For these people to agree on anything is a major accomplishment of its own, but for them to commit to investing in people and the environment is a whole other cause for celebration.)

But as we are well aware, we cannot rely on government alone to solve 17 of the world's biggest issues. So the Global Citizen initiative urges us--regular citizens--to take action. GlobalCitizen.org provides many ideas and tools to help us take action and make a difference for things like ending poverty and hunger and providing more people access to clean water, education, and fair jobs.  

And one thing we can all do is support businesses that are also committed to doing good. In the last decade, social entrepreneurship has become a thing, blurring the lines between for-profit business, non-profit organizations, and people. Social entrepreneurship is creating a culture shift of people and businesses working together to be part of something bigger--something truly good. 

By shopping from brands that give back, we're not just getting cool products that make us feel good about where we spent our money. We're helping kids get an education, empowering women, providing fair-paying jobs, planting trees, providing meals, providing access to clean water, etc. We're shopping more mindfully to help people in need and help all citizens of this great world live the kind of lives we all dream about. We're contributing to the Global Goals. We're being Global Citizens. 

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