Bring Empowerment Home with BADALA

We recently added a new collection of home goods to our Marketplace for Good. They're from a company called BADALA, and here are the top five reasons we love BADALA: 

  1. The products are gorgeous. 
  2. The goods are hand-crafted and fair-trade. 
  3. The items are made by women in Kenya and Rwanda who would otherwise have very few opportunities for economic independence. 
  4. The sales of these goods provide scholarships, training, and micro loans for their makers and their families. 
  5. BADALA is a non-profit organization. 

The idea of this organization came to its founder, Joelle McNamara, when she was...17 years old. Learn more about her story and the women who make these lovely home goods. 

Video: Courtesy of BADALA on Vimeo.

The home goods from BADALA don't just give your kitchen or dining table a unique flair. These items symbolize women's empowerment and change the lives of their makers. 

We'll be adding more items to this collection in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, don't miss out on your favorite items! Shop the collection

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